2012 Geza’s Selection Pinot Noir, Buena Vista

Great wine is often best paired with life’s big moments, and a Buena Vista bottle actually serves both requirements – effortlessly. Last night we pulled the cork on the 2012 Geza’s Selection Pinot Noir from Sonoma County’s Buena Vista Historic Winery in order to celebrate finding a new home for our family. We’re finishing it tonight, and before reading any further you should know this wine is simply amazing.

2012 Geza's Selection Pinot Noir, Buena Vista Historic Winery

2012 Geza’s Selection Pinot Noir, Buena Vista Historic Winery, Sonoma County, California, USA.

Long-term Notes readers, friends, and family all know our clear bias for Buena Vista wines, but the accolades are all well suited for this fragrant, luscious Pinot Noir. Throughout the winter we’ve been sampling California Cabernet Sauvignon and rich, Bordeaux-style red blends (a few Spanish reds are sprinkled in too), and the 2012 Geza is a fantastic counterpunch to them all. You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to immediately recognize the brilliance of this wine. It’s soft, it’s nuanced, and it’s finish is beyond smooth. The team at Buena Vista comments, “The 2012 Geza’s Selection Pinot Noir is a testament to its terroir. It is a rich, ripe wine with soft berry flavors and a bright fruit finish that makes it the perfect pairing for garlic and herb roasted pork tenderloin or oven-baked salmon filets.

Our accompanying meals, coincidentally, didn’t stray far from those recommendations. We had the 2012 Geza’s Selection with grilled steaks and with pork chops, and the wine was spot on in both instances. There is virtually no acidity, no lasting tannin finish, and only ample smiles resulting from tasting Geza’s Selection. If we had opened this on a weekend it wouldn’t have lasted overnight!

We received the Geza with our November 2014 Count’s Club shipment, but you can get your own through the Buena Vista website if you’re not able to drive to that beautiful vineyard. There are only 300 cases of the Geza’s Selection for this vintage, however, so don’t too long to make up your mind and do the right thing. We had bottle number 0504 so you’ll have to choose another ;).

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