2011 Beaujolais-Villages, Georges Duboeuf

Broke out the Beaujolais tonight, Christmas Eve, in part to help usher in Christmas and in part to blunt the disappointment of a holiday flight unexpectedly cancelled because of a wayward US Airways crew. Beaujolais is a favorite of my father’s and often part of our Christmas Eve celebration at his home; my wife picked out this specific vintage and bottle and sampled alongside me tonight as we think of friends and family.

2011 Beaujolais-Villages, Georges Duboeuf, France.

2011 Beaujolais-Villages, Georges Duboeuf, France.

The 2011 Beaujolais-Villages, Georges Duboeuf first came out during our cocktail hour, one filled with good tunes, jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce, and a rousing game of Monopoly—the Star Wars version. The “reds” were the differentiating factor in that game, and thankfully the Beaujolais carried over from game time to our dinner hour.

We had emptied much of the fridge in anticipation of holiday travel and didn’t have on hand the special foodstuffs we would typically have for such an occasion. Coming home from the airport, however, we did get not only those shrimp but also a couple of great NY strip steaks (no, love, not “shells”), fresh Brussell Sprouts, and some garlic mashed potatoes to brighten our holiday plates. The grill was good to us, and meat just red enough to keep us content.

So what of the Beaujolais? We didn’t quite let it breathe, but I can report the bottle pours pretty quickly. Must be a bigger opening on this bottle or something…seriously, now, my brain remembered previous Beaujolais as having more of a fruit-forward vibe, a less tannic finish. The 2011 was a bit more tart–though admittedly we may have rushed the bottle just a tad.

Frequent readers know my tastes run more toward Bordeaux-style reds and certainly California Cabernet Sauvignon, so know your audience for sure. But know too that the 2011 Beaujolais-Villages, Georges Duboeuf was a good port in a frustrating storm of flight cancellation too.


Georges Duboeuf 2012 Beaujolais Nouveau

After polishing off our holiday lights limo ride and its champagne treat, we returned home and broke out the Beaujolais–this one a 2012, I think, but perhaps a 2011…I forgot to note its year.  This  was rich and cherry flavored, with a little bit of a tangy aftertaste, and we enjoyed about a glass each while our Christmas Eve dinner finished cooking in the oven.  What can I say…I do like the cheery labeling?

Georges Duboeuf 2012 Nouveau, Beaujolais, France.

Georges Duboeuf 2012 Nouveau, Beaujolais, France.

I know it’s a favorite of my father’s, and others of his generation.  Not sure but I believe my mother, godparents, and others are similarly enamored with the Beaujolais.  I will likely pass in the future.  Certainly there will be fans but I’m not really one and this world has too many great wines in it for any of us to muddle on less-than-wholly pleased by a particular varietal!