2013 LT Zweigelt, Perniveldt Wine Cellars

This one is a boutique red, a special blend that you will be hard pressed to duplicate. Served for our family Christmas dinner, this 2013 was graciously gifted by my cousin and his bride and was received by all with glad hearts and eager palates.

2013 LT Zweigelt, Perniveldt Wine Cellars, Rochester, New York, USA.

2013 LT Zweigelt, Perniveldt Wine Cellars, Rochester, New York, USA.

Having arrived late to the festivities, I confess that the Perniveldt was half gone before I could enjoy my first glass. I’m a gamer, though, so threw myself right in the deep end and sampled this fun Zweigelt (my first) while noshing the delicious morsels Mom saved for my arrival (thanks again, US Airways, for that holiday surprise). Montreal seasoning, clinging loosely to the roast thanks to an olive oil base, made for a great exterior that complemented the juicy, tender interior of the meat. Add a little side salad, carrots (really liked their glaze[?] too), and mashed potatoes–plus some good grapes–and voila you’ve got a Christmas dinner to savor.

So what of the Zweigelt? It was good, a rich red that seemed closer to a Syrah than a Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir. Maybe like a kicked up Merlot or Cabernet-Merlot blend? It was perhaps a bit sweeter in its flavor than those other reds, and had a bit of a spice aroma or flavor that seemed to be layered into the mix as well. I understand that the Zweigelt is one of the most popular red grapes grown in Austria and has made its way to Canadian vineyards as well. Alas, I am only a rookie in sampling this particular wine, so some of its specifics may elude me on this first exposure in the 2013 LT, which had this eye-catching black and silver label work too.

I am looking forward to another sampling of the Perniveldt Wine Cellars and, even more importantly, the opportunity to visit and trade stories with the winemakers themselves. Merry Christmas, all.