Notes’ Top Five Whites

In our house, white wines do not get the praise and admiration of red wines.  Consequently, the list that follows is drawn from a shallower pool (i.e., compared to our reds) but is nevertheless up to date.  Hope it provides some insight or helps your own selection of white wines!

  1. Santa Margherita, Pinot Grigio, 2012.  Hard to argue with this one.  It’s a sure crowd pleaser with no holes in its game.
  2. Buena Vista 2009 Ramal Vineyard Chardonnay Musque Clone. The winemakers at Buena Vista make some fantastic whites too, and their Chardonnays offer subtle fragrances and fruits in intoxicating combinations.
  3. Chateau St. Michelle, 2010 Riesling.  I often say a great wine is about context, and an anniversary celebration with your loved one always makes for a great tasting…this most recent better than our first.
  4. Domaine Pierre de la Grange Muscadet 2011.  Another great memory, and exposure to a great white that we would not necessarily have picked ourselves.  Great staying power and citrus body generated from the minerals in the Loire Valley.
  5. Bodegas Avanthia Godello, Galicia, 2011. I usually prefer occasions with friends and family for a ‘best of’ list, but this white earned a place here among my favorites over a recent work dinner.

The Wente Vineyards Morning Fog 2011 Chardonnay I sampled at the vineyard with dear friends, and it had such staying power that I had to bring bottles back across the country in my carry-on luggage to make sure my family had a chance to sample firsthand–it deserves honorable mention. Fighting for recognition is that delicious 2012 Lafage Cote Est Catalan. Honorable mention too goes to a Twisted River Riesling that I haven’t had in years but still one to which I compare all other Rieslings.  But a “Top Five” list isn’t about functionality–it’s about superlatives and you should be guided accordingly.

Last updated 6/30/2015.

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