Interesting Wine Photos


In exploring wine through Notes of Note, I’ve run across some cool facts and plenty of great photos–of grapes, of winemaking, and of vineyards too. Where possible I’ll try to include some favorites here in the site so you can enjoy from a consolidated platform. Enjoy!

  • Photographer Andy Katz is a guy you have to know…I’m sure his album artwork for the Doobie Brothers and Dan Fogelberg is great, but it’s his amazing work in California wine country that you really need to see. This link should help get you started.
  • The work of George Rose, which includes rock stars, Hollywood, and Vegas, also features a spectacular portfolio documenting views in and around California wine country.
  • Alder Yarrow and his Vinography blog are largely responsible for opening my eyes to great photography of wine and vineyards. Vinography regularly features such images; it was the January 30, 2015 Frostwatch entry that first planted the seed for me. I appreciate Yarrow’s nod toward copyright law and will enjoy some favorites locally on my desktop even while I encourage you to visit his site for yourself. This latest George Rose work, for example, is well worth the link.
  • This image is from a local wine store readying for Christmas 2017, on the last Friday before the holiday. You have a clear sense of how fast the alcohol is coming into and leaving Mahan’s in this photo.

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 11.28.14 AM

  • This one is from Elway’s in the Denver airport. The image didn’t quite turn out like a George Rose vineyard photo, but there was something about it that just struck a chord for me. The symmetry…the Prisoner…just something that appealed to me when I saw it.
    Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 9.56.29 PM

Do you have a favorite artist? Or wine photos of your own? Feel free to share recommendations any time, and thanks in advance for your consideration.

Thanks to Steve and Sharron for their contribution to this composition.

Thanks to Steve and Sharron for their contribution to this composition.


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