2013 Conundrum, Wagner Family of Wine

Yes, the 25th Anniversary special from the Wagner Family. We have several bottles of the 25th on hand so this introductory review will leave some notes for future tastings. Just an FYI in case you’re left wanting by this post. But read on…

Grapes that the Wagners source for the Conundrum reputedly come from some of the finest vineyards in California, and they’re combined in a closely guarded recipe of dark, fruity goodness that is the Conundrum. This red blend pours inky into your glass, its chroma pushed to nearly 11 on a 10 scale. The vintage, like others sampled here in Notes, has big legs and a bigger mouthfeel.

Ever have a popsicle and pull out all the flavor from the ice while leaving most of the popsicle intact? It’s concentrated flavoring, and that’s a parallel I offer you here in the Conundrum. The winemakers jam this thing full of plum and blackberry flavors that burst in your mouth.

2013 Conundrum, The Wagner Family of Wines, California, USA.
2013 Conundrum (25th Anniversary), The Wagner Family of Wines, California, USA.

The 2013 Condundrum shown here accompanied grilled steaks, lightly seasoned with just salt and pepper, and blue cheese salads that featured perfectly riped tomato wedges and fresh crumble. We through in some crispy crown potatoes too just to make sure we starched up too. I know reviewers often recommend the Conundrum as a complement to barbeque and spiced food, and we stayed pretty close to that playbook on this particular evening…but looking forward already to what comes next. Enjoy your Condundrum!

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