2013 Jovita’s Selection Chardonnay, Buena Vista

It’s Rivalry Week, and the best ticket in all of college hoops is unquestionably UNC/Duke–tonight their first matchup of the season. I’m winding down for the evening, pulling for the ‘Heels, and putting down the last of a 2013 Jovita’s Selection Chardonnay, from Buena Vista Winery in Sonoma County.

2013 Jovita's Selection Chardonnay Buena Vista Sonoma County California USA

2013 Jovita’s Selection Chardonnay, Buena Vista, Sonoma County, California, USA.

The folks at Buena Vista make a really fine Chardonnay, and this is one of them in spite of its youth. It smells full on the nose, a bouquet of citrus and maybe some vanilla in your glass. Of course it’s more robust than a Grigio, and this one is rich without being sticky or overly sweet. I’ve sample a glass over the last several nights with salmon, pork (a fantastic meal in and of itself), and even as a precursor to ground beef–Jovita stands tall with all of ’em.

I’ve got to return my attention to the ballgame but want to leave you with just one more nugget–the winemaker’s notes: “The 2013 Jovita’s Selection Chardonnay is a rich, unctuous wine with a beautiful, lingering acidity that belies its origins on both sides of Sonoma Mountain. Aromas of lemon zest and green apple lead to a palate delighted by flavors of gingerbread and a touch of vanilla on the finish.

This is bottle #2187 of just 500 cases produced, and a great small production run at that. Excuse the brevity on this occasion–hope to have more to say about Jovita the next time she visits.

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