2010 Summation Red Wine Blend, Kendall-Jackson

Something about a “red wine blend” from Kendall-Jackson sounded good when I saw it in the local grocery store (I know, still sounds weird to me too) and on this occasion those instincts were right on the money.  The 2010 Summation Red Wine Blend, Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve is a fantastic bargain–a $15 wine that packs a much richer profile into its KL label.

We all know the Kendall-Jackson crest so forgive me for skipping the photo on this occasion.  I’m fairly confident I detected lack cherry, hints of vanilla, and some definite oak aging?  It was jammy and smooooth…so very smooth.  The winemaker offers the following:

Smoother than Cabernet Sauvignon, richer than Merlot, more balanced than Zinfandel, this red wine blend offers intriguing flavors and aromas: roasted coffee, dark chocolate, pomegranate, and black cherry intertwine to offer a multi-layered mouthfeel and sumptuous texture.

The Kennedy Center honors (amazing performers that prompted us to explore past years’ musicians with equal zeal) provided a great backdrop; the Summation’s was even better.  Definitely interested in putting my hands on a substantial quantity of this fine red offering.

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