2011 Dogajolo Toscano, Carpineto

Time for celebrations tonight and marking the way is the 2011 Dogajolo Toscano Indicazione Geografica Tipica–a dry red table wine from Tuscany.  After weeks of American and French wines, we’ve hit Italians twice now in January.  This one was part of birthday celebrations and thus has extra special regards from us.

2011 Dogajolo Toscano, Carpineto, Tuscany, Italy.

2011 Dogajolo Toscano, Carpineto, Tuscany, Italy.

Truth be told, I had a first glass last evening (with pan-seared steaks and blue cheese salad) but tasting tonight–while we watched great YouTube video of the Kennedy Center honors for Led Zeppelin and then Paul McCartney–the Dogajolo showed its range.  My wife had selected the Dogajolo based on recognizing its label from some occasion years ago, and I see why this one stuck deep in the subconscious of her mind.  In part, its label reminds me of one of her favorite Christmas wrapping papers.  From the taste perspective, it’s deep red and fruity, it packs in some zest, and it’s real easy to drink.

A quick label recap: “The Dogajolo is made from 80% Sangiovese grapes blended with a dash of 20% Cabernet Sauvignon grown in dry farmed, hillside vineyards in central Tuscany.  Fruity and intense flavors, with hints of berries, coffee, vanilla, and spice, are matched with a supple tannin structure and a long finish.  This young ‘Super Tuscan’ wine shows at its best with full-flavored dishes such as roasts, grilled meats, cold cuts, and tomato-based Italian specialties such as pizza and pasta.

All those would be great and lord knows we tried several already…and are looking forward to others.  Suffice it to say, the Dogajolo acquitted itself well.

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