2011 Mark West, Pinot Noir

Mark West hadn’t visited our home in some time–not since we left the friendly confines of New Jersey–and, on several nights this week, stopped by to catch up.  West’s easy, casual style made him a welcome guest and I wistfully watch him leave us tonight.

This light, well-balanced red used to be a staple in our “wine cellar”; we never bought by the case but nevertheless in good quantity and/or frequency.  Our local NJ liquor store then started overpricing this California Pinot Noir, and we consequently started to explore other Bordeaux and Pinot options.  Despite missing the Mark West varietal, this market dynamic did ultimately compel my wife and I to find other good wines so it’s not all bad news here.

This evening, we’re having the 2011 Mark West Pinot Noir with an apple-blue cheese salad, “Golden Blend” quinoa, and herb-encrusted chicken breasts, pounded nice and flat for easy cookin’ and gnoshin’.  Smells fantastic and I’m sure this last glass of French- and Hungarian-oak aged red will nicely accompany our spread.  This is night three of the Mark West, and it was perfect on night two when it had had a chance to breath but not too much.  We’ll see you again, my friend…

One thought on “2011 Mark West, Pinot Noir

  1. Bman says:

    Mark West is a good friend of the Forces!

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