The Ones That Got Away – Winter 2015 Sampler


2012 Biltmore Estate Merlot Limited Release, North Carolina, USA; 2013 Relax Riesling, Schmitt Sohne GmbH, Germany; 2007 Virgen de Aguila Artigazo, Edicion Limitada, Carinena, Spain; 2013 Chateau Ste. Michelle Pinot Gris, Columbia Valley, Washington, USA; 2012 Red Blend, Bell Canyon Napa Reserve, Napa Valley, California, USA; 2012 Buena Vista Pinot Noir Private Reserve, Sonoma Valley, California, USA.

The Ones That Got Away

We enjoyed a number of fine adult beverages through the 2013 holidays and into March of 2014.  In light of an aggressive travel schedule, however, I’ve neglected to review several great reds and whites that graced our table in this time frame.  Tasting notes will have to wait another sampling but thought you’d enjoy a quick depiction of our “travels” through wine country domestically and abroad.

Santa Margherita, Pinot Grigio, 2012, Italy

Santa Margherrita, Pinot Grigio, 2012, Italy.

Santa Margherita, Pinot Grigio, 2012, Italy.

On a hot, humid August day where adult beverages are called for, you can go with beer, mixed drinks, or Pinot Grigio–and the folks at Santa Margherita make a fine one.  It’s clean.  It’s fresh, and its understated scents of citrus strike a fine balance in terms of sweetness and balance.  It’s appreciated in equal measures by my wife and by me.

The 2012 Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio complemented our barbecued chicken, sweet corn, and potato salad.  The latter had a mustard tang, and the Grigio effectively offset this taste…the BBQ too.

If you’ve had this white wine, you know what I mean.  And if you haven’t, carpe diem and grab one today.

Ruffino Pinot Grigio 2012 Lumina

This was the prize at the end of a long day of road trippin’.   My wife created a special occasion all our own when she pulled this Grigio from the fridge and made it a featured element in a light, enjoyable dinner.  Pretty sure I’ve had the Ruffino before (maybe even wrote about that experience here?) but it couldn’t have worked as well as it did on this evening.  The Ruffino, fruity and cool, accompanied a perfectly cooked pork loin and a fresh salad of mixed greens, onions, apple slices, and blue cheese.  This white counterpunched well with the salad for sure and I loved that both of us were working the stemmed stuff.

Ruffino Pinot Grigio 2012 Lumina, Italy.

Ruffino Pinot Grigio 2012 Lumina, Italy.

This is the good script from the winemaker: “Lumina is produced from Pinot Grigio grapes grown in vineyards located in the beautiful northeastern region of Italy.  This well-balanced wine reveals delicious notes of pairs and citrus fruit and delivers a fragrant, fruity finish.”

They definitely have a way with words, but the whole picture comes across much better when you see it in context with our meal here.  Hope you enjoy as much as we did.

2010 Santa Marina Pinot Grigio

With the ebbing of the summer comes this light, delicious dinner that accompanied the 2010 Santa Marina Pinot Grigio.  As noted herein, we have sampled grigios all season long and had this one with grilled chicken, a caprese salad, and fantastic corkscrew pasta.  This Santa Marina was okay.  Nothing spectacular in the Santa Margherita class or even the Ecco Domani realm, but a solid entry nevertheless.  My own palate is not refined enough to articulate what I’m tasting, but I can stand behind this ranking.