DaVinci Pinot Grigio 2010

As the sultry summer slugs slowly onward, we decided preventative medicine would include a white wine along with our dinner tonight.  We had an amazing meal (pictured below) of Italian turkey sausage, spiral pasta, and a warm vegetable salad that included organic rainbow chard, mushrooms, zucchini, and garlic.  Our ongoing pinot parade required the performance of the DaVinci Pinot Grigio, on this occasion the 2010.

DaVinci Pinot Grigio 2010

As I understand it, this light white originates from the Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy.  Here’s what the big shots have to say about this vino:

DaVinci Pinot Grigio has a brilliant light straw color and a full, ripe palate. It is an extremely well-balanced wine with a bouquet of floral aromas coupled with ripe flavors of fresh apple, citrus, and tropical fruit flavors. This crisp, clean Pinot Grigio finishes with notes of minerals and a vibrant acidity.

I concur with this assessment and would be back for more.

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