2013 Conundrum 25th Anniversary Red Blend, Conundrum Wines

Pulled out a favorite wine to share with my brother during his visit this weekend – the 2013 Conundrum 25th Anniversary red. I renewed my love affair with Conundrum about six weeks ago and had this bottle earmarked for just such an occasion.

2013 Conundrum 25th Anniversary Red Blend, Conundrum Wines

2013 Conundrum 25th Anniversary Red Blend, Conundrum Wines, California, USA.

He’s a fan of wine and has plenty of opportunities to taste excellent bottles during his business travels and home life, and of course I was interested in his feedback on the Conundrum. Would he be the fan I am? I was confident he hadn’t been exposed to this proprietary blend of the Wagner family and raised an eyebrow when he initially opted for a soda instead of wine with dinner. That decision only lasted moments before he was pulling a glass himself and swirling this red beauty for a whiff of its ample fruits.

In the Conundrum you have cherry smells and tastes in plentiful supply, and earthy, smoky notes that I’ve previously described as “dark chocolate” in their makeup. It is a fruit bomb, and yet very smooth and ready for drinking right away. Full disclosure – we did not have this bottle with a five-star, four-course dinner. It simply accompanied takeout pizza (the highlight of which, for me at least, was its garlic crust), hot out of the oven and readily devoured after our respective flights into town.

I still have not tried chilling Conundrum, preferring to serve and consume red at room temperature. The 2013 received the usual appreciation from this taster and in short time made a new fan in my brother. We are going to be talking about this wine throughout the weekend, particularly in light of future events on the horizon. Last note for you: believe me when I say neither the pie nor the bottle lasted very long!


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