2013 Conundrum 25th Anniversary Red Blend, Conundrum Wines

My fondness for Conundrum was renewed a few days ago while taste-testing for the 2014 Caymus. It brought forth a night of Petite Petite as well as several evenings of this 25th Anniversary red blend.

Conundrum 2013

2013 Conundrum 25th Anniversary Red Blend, Conundrum Wines, California, USA.

I snatched up several bottles of the 2013 Conundrum and have been slowly chipping away at them when the mood calls for one. Look, the Wagner family has some things figured out, and many of them are present in this rich, dark red beauty. At its core is big red. Really big red! Conundrum is a proprietary blend, one that includes Zinfandel and Petite Sirah, and is very cherry–with accents of leather and such woodsy things. You almost think this wine will permanently stain your glass, it’s so dark red when poured…and yet soft on your palate and very smooth.

Director of Winemaking, Charlie Wagner, says this of the Conundrum: “With an alluring crimson color, the wine draws you in with aromas of dark German chocolate, rich berries, and fresh lavender. The nose conveys just the right amount of oak, making you think of a campfire in the woods, with an earthy scent in the air.

I nod in reading those notes, with the possible exception of the lavender. Even reading that now I don’t know that I’ll be able to detect it in my next Conundrum bottle. The Wagners also suggest you serve the Conundrum slightly chilled, but I don’t think I’ve gone that route yet. Perhaps in the future. Good wine!

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