2012 Conundrum, Wagner Family

This is Part 2 of Restaurant Week in the Queen City, a Friday night at Morton’s for steaks, vino, and quality time together. By the time our Uber driver dropped us at its front door, the steakhouse was hopping and filled with good people enjoying their evenings.

Both my wife and I had scoped out the menu several weeks ago when making the reservation and, by the time we were seated in a cozy booth looking over the dining room, we were ready to partake in grapes and grub. Morton’s obviously has an amazing wine list (we were seated directly in front of magnums of Caymus and Silver Oak Cabernet) that tantalized and transfixed this fan, but I felt great about this bottle of Conundrum that we had brought for the occasion–uncorking fees be damned.

2012 Conundrum, Wagner Family, California, USA.

2012 Conundrum, Wagner Family, California, USA.

The waiter complimented our Wagner selection and gave the usual preview, one I swirled just briefly before having him pour for us both. This plush red blend poured deep and rich, its blackberry and cherry notes wafting against the grilled meats and breads in enticing fashion–of course I was hooked immediately. I know Conundrum has its roots in both California Zinfandel and Syrah, and the latter seemed to take the lead in tonight’s dance. The wine was fruity yet full of earth tones, and I’m sorry to say was our last Conundrum on hand (already thinking about ordering more).

It also worked effectively with our meals. First we sampled lobster bisque and Caesar salad, and then our main courses were plated. Filet Mignon, cooked a healthy medium temperature, was juicy and delicious. Both of us had ordered a horseradish mashed potato side that was perhaps the one chink in Morton’s armor–the potatoes were not hot enough and didn’t have any appreciable bite to them, certainly not one you’d attribute to horseradish. Dessert was excellent, though, a chocolate mousse and key lime pie slice. Both were photo-worthy but you’ll have to take my word for it as I captured the entre course instead.

Notes has covered Conundrum on at least two recent occasions, and hopefully you have a good sense of its offering and characteristics at this point. Really approachable and delicious. Enjoy…

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