2012 Conundrum Red Wine

Two great conundrums on how to celebrate my April 7th: 1) which of so many delicious wine bottles to open, and 2) this 2012 Conundrum Red Wine, a birthday gift from my lovely bride. I’ve seen the catchy branding and enjoyed the word play on many occasions but this was the first time I actually got to sample this proprietary red blend.

2012 Conundrum Red Wine, California, USA.

2012 Conundrum Red Wine, California, USA.

A great bottle of wine was one of the most important items on my wish list for the celebration, and this firm, full-bodied red perfectly fit the bill. The Conundrum accompanied a delicious steak (of course!) and the smile of my beautiful bride as we sipped contentedly after the work day. It’s a great drink. It is dark fruit, it is smooth, it is better sip after sip.

The Conundrum is the pride of the Wagner Family and it wafts plums and maybe blackberry sweetly to your nose as soon as you pop the cork. To this taster, the 2012 blend had a distinct Cabernet Sauvignon vibe. It’s one I’m excited to dry again.

Forgive the short entry – it’s part of a birthday celebration after all.

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