2013 Apothic Dark Limited Release

Apothic wines I have tried in the past and, while I love the vineyard’s branding on each occasion, I have not been overwhelmed by the wine itself. As soon as I uncorked this 2013, however, I caught scent of the dark coffee underpinnings in a way that reminded me of coffee-flavored tequila–a good idea but not so grand in execution. Nevertheless, interested by the cool Apothic logo I pressed on and started my glasswork.

2013 Apothic Dark Limited Release, California, USA.

2013 Apothic Dark Limited Release, California, USA.

Tonight I’m unconcerned about the meal and thoughts of accompanying food; I’m going to share just this nugget instead: The 2013 Apothic Dark Limited Release is the sturdy older brother of the Carnivor. It’s essentially the same flavor profile as that Cab, opulent in the dark fruits, but the Dark drops in–not with the subtlety that I’d recommend–a heavy hand of coffee over the top of all that fruit. Cool idea, but seems more like a mass-produced veneer instead of a flavor interwoven throughout the final wine. I’d be interested to hear from visitors if they agree upon tasting…

…and that being said, the Dark Limited Release does have many good notes about it and you should give this a try if only once. The label gives you this nugget: “This Limited Release blends dark fruit flavors of blueberry and blackberry with opulent notes of coffee and dark chocolate for a rich, yet silky smooth, wine experience.

Not quite sure all of that holds up in reality, but the coffee and dark chocolate are here in spades. It pours nearly like black ink in the glass, and makes you feel almost like a rebel when you drink it. Enjoy!

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