2011 Josh Cellars Merlot

Jackpot here in the 2011 Josh Cellars Merlot. At the end of a hot summer Saturday we broke out this purple Merlot, serving it in stemless glassware during a patio feast. This photo doesn’t quite do justice to this easy-finishing vintage, but it does capture some of the ambiance of our evening. Food, flick, and fun on the deck.

2011 Josh Cellars Merlot, Sonoma, California, USA.

2011 Josh Cellars Merlot, Sonoma, California, USA.

You correctly see a bountiful salad, mixed greens with fresh cucumbers harvested from my wife’s carefully managed garden (and bacon!), onions, assorted dressings, and seasoned steaks fresh from the grill. We were indeed hooked up for a patio viewing of The Grand Budapest Hotel and worked through the movie and bottle with equal effectiveness.

It tastes purple, definitely cherry and violet in big portions, and is actually a Bordeaux-style blend of Merlot (85%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (15%). Among other facts, the winemaker remarks “A wine that is bold and expressive but unassuming and approachable.” Maybe that’s why it struck a great chord for this reviewer–it’s the way I might describe the overarching objectives of Notes Of Note.

My better half brought the 2011 Josh Cellars Merlot into my life and I’m grateful. It was luscious–such an easy finish too–and fruit-filled in an encouraging way. Merlot I usually consider a winter treat but good grapes apparently transcend the season.

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