2012 Gracenote Pinot Noir

After a tiring flight from San Antonio, the 2012 Gracenote Pinot Noir was a welcome treat that marked the end of a six-day work week.  My wife had opened in advance of my arrival, and the aromatic Pinot Noir had had a good opportunity to breath while I was en route from the airport.


2012 Gracenote Pinot Noir, Ubben Vineyards, Russian River Valley, California, USA.

This Russian River Valley red, aged in oak barrels, was created by Ubben Vineyards (and winemaker Reed Renaudin) and had a great fruity scent to it.  Great, vibrant color too.  Notes from the pros read as follows:

This sublime wine offers impressions of dark cherry, strawberry, lavender, vanilla, cedar, and a hint of toast.

It had a bit too much vanilla for me, but the strawberry (not exactly my favorite) was subtle and I tasted more of the cherry and cedar–gladly.  I consumed a glass with a chicken cordon bleu and delicious orzo salad, and the Gracenote was an effective medium between the two.  A nice bit of comfort after the Saturday night flight.