2014 Migration Pinot Noir, Duckhorn Wine Company

I’m here at Fleming’s having a great late night dinner, and the 2014 Migration is only a part of the fun. My first choice was actually the MacMurry Pinot, but the bartender just doubled back to notify me that they’re out–the Migration is his recommendation of a similar red from the Russian River Valley and I’m up for it.


2014 Migration, Duckhorn Wine Company, Russian River Valley, California, USA.

The Hornets game went to overtime before spilling disappointed fans into the streets, but my prospects are on the rise here at my favorite Charlotte steakhouse. The lighting is mellow, the buzz calming, and good folks are here having good times. Since the hour grows late I’ve decided not to steak it up but picked out instead a seared ahi tuna that is cooked just right for me and has some cool ginger dressing drizzled on the plate to go alongside the funky little salad served with the fish.

The Migration probably shouldn’t accompany the tuna, but what the heck, right? It’s a pretty layered drink, this red, and I’ll share with you for sure notes of cherry (most dominant), cranberry, and strawberry. I do not quite taste orange in this 2014 Pinot, but it does have an aftertaste that I’ve come to regard as orange (which is not quite the same thing, is it?) as I swirl this in the glass and consider. This vintage is barrel aged in French Oak (100%) for 10 months, and the taste is worthwhile.

Excuse the brevity of this one but I am indeed spent. I’ll keep the Migration top of mind for some time–just one small part of trying to get the most out of the day and hope it does for you too.


One thought on “2014 Migration Pinot Noir, Duckhorn Wine Company

  1. edwardrosemd says:

    This sounds delightful! There is nothing in the world like Russian River Pinot, and Duckhorn does it very well!

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