2012 Old Wine Zinfandel, Bogle Vineyards

Years ago at a work dinner in Cambridge I was introduced to Bogle for the first time, a lively and affordable red, while my hosts and I talked about the merits of Amarone. (I personally had yet to discover Amarone–hadn’t even heard of it, honestly–but filed away Bogle as a nod-worthy crowd pleaser that brought about a table full of happy dinner guests.) I have had several more Bogles since that time and enjoyed each. Even on this occasion I had set out to find a new Syrah, but the label and reputation of Old Vine Bogle did catch my eye and here we are.

2012 Old Wine Zinfandel, Bogle Vineyards, California, USA.

2012 Old Wine Zinfandel, Bogle Vineyards, California, USA.

This guy is a fan of Zinfandel, and in particular on those occasions where we’re doing some sort of grilling. Burgers, chicken…something where the inherent spiciness of the Zin has a chance to get out and roll around a glass, make itself welcome. Love that stuff. So where was I?

Tonight we paired up the 2012 Old Wine Zinfandel of Bogle Vineyards with grilled pork chops, slathered in a spicy mustard and white wine sauce, and it held up to the challenge. The pork was juicy, the marinade inviting, and the wine a good complement to it all. Little bit of red berry, little bit of pepper making itself known.

The winemaker offers these additional nuggets for you on the vintage: “…takes delicious fruit from the 2012 vintage and creates a wine lively with red cranberries and pink peppercorns. Hints of a hillside briar patch in summer waft through the wine as well, while spicy clove heightens at the finish from the oak aging.

Is that all accurate? Pepper, yes, and the red berries too. Some of that language is a bit aggrandized but not too far from the mark when you strip away all the marketing B.S. and just concentrate on the grapes. I enjoyed our dinner and the Old Vine Zinfandel both.

One thought on “2012 Old Wine Zinfandel, Bogle Vineyards

  1. YogaBean says:

    I enjoy full-bodied, dry Old Vine Zinfandels and Cabernet Sauvignons. I have had one or the other from Bogle Vineyards but for some reason it didn’t make my keeper list. Could be I forgot to add it or it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I think I will give it another try…just to be sure.

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