2009 Madonna Estate Reserve, Pinot Noir

Glad to include the 2009 Madonna Estate Reserve in this year’s list of holiday treats.  This delicious Pinot Noir, crafted in Napa Valley, we busted out to accompany soup and salads–a much-needed change of pace after all the rich foods of the Christmas celebration.  Harvest vegetables, mixed with a rich blend of seasonings and spices, simmered in a big soup pot with some tender chicken; the soup accompanied a light salad (I had mine without dressing) of greens, fresh pears, and dried fruit–and the Madonna Estate Reserve.

2009 Madonna Estate Reserve, Pinot Noir, Napa, California, USA.

2009 Madonna Estate Reserve, Pinot Noir, Napa, California, USA.

I’ve read some unflattering remarks about the 2008 vintage, but the 2009 seemed excellent.  It was light, nuanced, and easy on the tongue.  This Carneros Pinot Noir helped flush a less-than-great (apologies for failing to document it here in Notes) Cab/Merlot blend from my Christmas Day memories and instilled itself as my favorite from our Rochester trip.  It’s hues were deeper red than those of my Buena Vista favorites; while I prefer those Sonoma options that’s a tough comparison for many varietals so no stone throwing against the Madonna Estate.

I’d love to link you to the winemaker’s website for additional details but seems like a non-functioning URL so you’ll have to double back again sometime soon.  Just as I hope to with this Pinot.  Enjoy…

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