Meiomi 2012 Pinot Noir

So pleased to have another go at this blend of grapes from California’s Sonoma (26%), Santa Barbara (23%), and Monterrey County (51%) regions. My brother was visiting for the weekend and, hearing of how well the 2011 vintage went over in our house, he brought along this treat to help us all celebrate the good time.

I actually opened the 2012 late Saturday night after the Rockland Boulders vs. New Jersey Jackals baseball game (won by the visitors), when all driving was done for the day and it was time to relax and tell stories from the ballpark. Great bouquet of fruit and damp earth immediately greets you, spills out into your glass, and engenders your smile at the promise of berries to follow.

And then do I do the Meiomi justice? Depends on how you view a good Pinot Noir when it’s “paired” with delicious homemade frozen yogurt (coffee flavored, with all the extra care and touches!) and pretzels. Pretty damn fine in that situation, if you ask me, but gives you an idea what kind of refined palate I have. If that’s not quite what you have in mind, know that we had this bottle and a second too the following Sunday afternoon with shrimp cocktail and then dinner–blue cheese salad [with bacon and fresh-roasted potatoes] and grilled filet mignon. I think our merry band of revelers would have said some of the steaks were slightly too well done; other pieces slightly underdone. The good news here is the Meiomi 2012 bore up under all those varying demands.

It’s sort of kicked up Pinot Noir…almost striving for the weight of a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. This bottle didn’t seem to have quite the same spice feel that the 2011 vintage had, but that only dawns on me now in hindsight so it’s fruity profile makes up a complex fun wine. Glad I had a chance for more.

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