Buena Vista 2010 Pinot Noir, Otelia’s Selection

Almost a month ago, Notes covered the 2008 Otelia and it’s a pleasure to taste today the 2010 vintage.  I have a tendency to save Buena Vista offerings for big occasions, but this one fell into “grip it and rip territory” and figured it was a much better option than the French Pinot Noir I had (briefly) considered as an alternative.  Live for today, right?

OteliaThe 2010 Otelia arrived as part of our February 2013 shipment (interesting comparison to the 2008, which arrived as part of our February 2012 shipment) and was pretty notable itself.  Our tasting notes from the winery read, “The 2010 Otelia’s Selection Pinot Noir offers alluring aromas of cherry, black cardamom [note: this always reminds me of classic Cheers bar wars], plum, and Mandarin orange peel.  Cranberry and dark chocolate truffle mingle seamlessly with a delicious carmelized toastiness on the palate, while the wine’s balanced acidity and structure lead to a long, lasting finish.

This Otelia first kept company with a simple meal of ground beef and pasta, its red-berried goodness working as an effective complement to the salt and spice of the dinner.  The darker berries were evident on the nose, but I cannot say either my wife or I detected the orange referenced by the Buena Vista team.  It is indeed smooth, however, and definitely finds an easy finish in your palate.  Tonight the 2010 Otelia Pinot Noir will be served with barbecued chicken breast, crispy crown potatoes, and fresh corn off the cob.  I’m confident it will play well with the carbs and spices, engendering not heartburn but a fruity mouthfeel that results in smiles all around.  It has less of the earthy tone that I admire in Cabernets, but has the underpinnings of “velvet berries” that I often prefer in domestic Pinot Noirs.

We’re finishing bottle number 0367 of only 280 cases, and that exclusivity helps me–whether artificial or actual–feel like we’re onto something special.  Thanks to Buena Vista, you’re in good hands either way.  Be sure to enjoy one of these for yourself.

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