Buena Vista 2010 Carneros Merlot

Buena Vista 2010 Carneros Merlot, Sonoma, California, USA.

Buena Vista 2010 Carneros Merlot, Sonoma, California, USA.

Over the last several nights, this bottle accompanied many a fine meal–including a home-made chicken scarpiello and a light, summer chicken salad.  This Buena Vista Carneros Merlot was possibly best, however, accompanying just a pizza from our favorite local joint.  Half pepperoni and half pepperoni – black olive, the pie seemed to work well with the cherry and peppery vibe of this 2010 red.  It really looks and smells the part too:  it’s unmistakably Merlot, a deep purple color that wafts dark fruits up at you even as you pour your first glass.

For more informative notes by ‘real’ tasters or even the winemaker you can click here any time.  The description of how this varietal came to bear is worth the read.  Someone with more expertise (or perhaps promotional inkling) gave this a 91 and I think that seems about right in comparison to other reds I’ve had occasion to enjoy.  Always love a Buena Vista and look forward to the next!

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