2010 Tormaresca Neprica Red Blend Puglia

Based solely on the tasting video and reviews shared on Wine Express, we bought a case of this red Italian blend “sight unseen”.  The first bottle completely fulfilled our every expectation, an amazing  fruity–and light–red that struck pinot-like chords for us.  It was the perfect complement to our evening meal, a delicious homemade potato soup with broccoli, fresh green onion, and chopped bacon.  Good bread on the side, too.

ImageMy wife’s soup was great, and the wine was too.  About Italian wines we know literally next to nothing, but so far we’re off to a great start.  We’re excited to have a case of this blend on hand for the coming weeks and months.  Anyone reading and following along would be happy to have this for him/herself too.  Here’s validation from the big shots:

Neprica is an awesome blend of Negroamaro, Primitivo and Cabernet Sauvignon from southern Italy that offers an unbeatable price versus quality ratio. This rising star of Puglia would pair with meats, pasta or aged cheese and offers clean aromas of ripe fruit, spice and leather.

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