Gnarly Head Zinfandel – 2009 Old Vine

We cracked open the Gnarly Head Zinfandel about a week ago as an alternative to a pinot noir or cabernet.  It had a sharp aftertaste on that first evening, but subsequent glasses over the week tasted better and better.  Most evenings it was consumed just in small glasses prior to whatever dinner we had in mind; at least once it accompanied pork loin, purple roasted potatoes, and a killer apple-blue cheese-lettuce salad.  Here’s what the winemaker says about this wine:

Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel makes a bold statement at first sip. Our quest for outstanding Zinfandel led us down a country road into the heart of Lodi, California revealing a sea of gnarled, 35 – 80 year-old vines pruned in a special, mop-topped way called “head trained”. True gnarly heads, these old vines yield fewer grape clusters with smaller berries than trellised vines. These mighty little berries produce intense, bold wines that are deep in color with concentrated dark fruit flavors. Our Old Vine Zinfandel has a gnarly core of rich, dark berry flavors with layers of spice, plum, pepper and vanilla balanced by light hint of toasted oak. 

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