2013 Trivento Malbec Reserve

At least once previously I’ve been treated with this wine of the three winds – the Polar, Zonda, and Sudestada – courtesy of the God of Winds Eolo. I’m achy all over, tired, and am going to cheat just a little, offering you this link to Notes‘ previous tasting notes rather than coming up with a new profile for you this evening. Hopefully you’ve read enough of this column to forgive my brevity tonight–you know I’ll make it up with some interesting nuggets in the future.

2013 Trivento Malbec Reserve, Mendoza, Argentina.

2013 Trivento Malbec Reserve, Mendoza, Argentina.

It’s a weeknight and football is on in the background. Finished this red with a grilled New York strip steak, a mixed green salad, and some yellow beans. Some good portion control all around means I enjoyed the inky, red goodness of the Malbec–its mouthfeel, its plum taste–and might even have room for dessert. Hoping you are readying for a good weekend and good beverages too.

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