2011 Stemmari Cabernet Sauvignon, Feudo Arancio

No photo of our meal this time, friends, but hopefully still an informative synopsis of the 2011 Stemmari Cabernet Sauvignon from the good folks at Feudo Arancio.  Is this our first Cabernet Sauvignon from Italy? That’s a distinct possibility and, if the Stemmari is any indication, a trip we’ll look forward to repeating.

Two different meals we ultimately enjoyed with the graces of the 2011 Stemmari–1) tender, spice-seasoned pork chops that retained all their innate juices thanks to our Char-Broil grill, and 2) a small feast of tacos, a deft mixture of crisp vegetables and spicy fillings, each possessing similar characteristics that rolled together with the Italian Cab and made for nodding heads in our home.

This is how the winemaker outlined goals for the 2011 Stemmari: “Intense and aromatic wine with violet red color and characteristic hints of cranberry that are accompanied by spicy oak notes. Ideal with grilled red meats, game, charcuterie, and aged cheeses.

We obviously prioritized the grilled meat aspect of this recommendation, and to good effect.  Even after repeated recorking and revisiting over subsequent evenings, the wine held its own. It was never too sharp, too tart, or too tannin-laden to savor. To the contrary, it was one of those bottles that you tip and look into, questioning your eyes, even after the last drop is drained into your glass. It leaves you wanting more. This delicious red was recommended to us by the staff of a fun wine store that we sought out based on a review from a Charlotte native–and one we’re excited to revisit soon.


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