Buena Vista 2009 Ramal Vineyard Cardonnay Musque Clone

A delicous-smelling mushroom beef risotto is going to accompany this last glass of the Buena Vista Musque Clone Chardonnay 2009 tonight. The Chardonnay–my first white in some time–is a really nice, sweet Californian. Buena Vista always rings true for me, and this bottle is no exception. It’s got a great scent about it; some yellow fruits that I can’t quite pinpoint but surely enjoy on the nose and the tongue.
In addition to their usual language about the boutique approach, Buena Vista writes of this Sonoma beauty, “This Musque Clone selection showcases our most aromatic expression of Carneros Chardonnay with aromas of honeysuckle, orange blossum, and floral notes. The aromatic fruit and muscat-like characters carry through with a rich, oily texture that pairs well with intensely flavored foods and is also enjoyable on its own.
Even now I’m just sipping the glass, drawing out the inevitable conclusion to a fun bottle. Wish they didn’t all come to an end, but all good things, right?

2 thoughts on “Buena Vista 2009 Ramal Vineyard Cardonnay Musque Clone

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