2010 Buena Vista Ida’s Selection Pinot Noir

Broke open this bottle of Buena Vista pinot in the stretch run toward Christmas and a much-deserved vacation. You could tell the difference between this bottle and others as soon as it was uncorked–the fragrance of this Pinot Noir was immediate and stunning. I had it with a medium-rare Omaha steak, a great green salad with onion, bleu cheese, and apple, and a baked potato that had in it bits of bacon. Perfect pairing. I know the coming week will be packed full of great wine, delicious food, and plenty of good company, but this sets a pretty good standard to measure against.

2010 Buena Vista Ida's Selection Pinot Noir, Sonoma, California, USA.

2010 Buena Vista Ida’s Selection Pinot Noir, Sonoma, California, USA.

Here’s the skinny from the guys at Buena Vista: “The 2010 Ida’s Selection Pinot Noir is a beautiful deep plum color, with concentrated aromas and flavors of raspberry, chocolate, and just a hint of toastiness. With a balanced structure, medium acidity, and an overall plush mouthfeel, this wine finishes with a medium to long, silky finish.

This numbered bottle (#2741) is from just 247 total cases and the varietal is named for the fourth child (first daughter) of Count Agoston Haraszthy–the founder of Buena Vista and the Buena Vista Vinicultural Society, which he formed in 1863 to advance the winemaking prowess and expand its vineyards. The BVVS has been restored as a collection of small-production wines that, according to their press, “honor the winery’s pioneering spirit and contribution to California winemaking. Available only at the winery and for club-members, the diverse selection of Vinicultural Society wines explores clonal selections, varietals, vineyards and the incredible terroir of Sonoma County.”

All I could say is that it was the perfect end to a crazy work year…or perfect start to an enjoyable holiday season.

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