Petizos Malbec 2007

Have wanted to revisit a Malbec for some time and the 2007 Petizos was good company this evening.  This nice Argentian red is named for a breed of South American horse that is descended from Persian warrior horses now devoted to the sport of polo (the term “pulu”, the Tibetin word for ball, is part of the word’s origin).  I’m sure it is not really intended to accompany shellfish–we did have crabcakes, scallops, and shrimp with the Petizos (along with some spicy chicken strips and baked macaroni and cheese)–but this grape did work better than expected.  This rich, fragrant red wine better accompanied the pepperoni pizza we had too while wishing our friend and neighbor a happy birthday.

The red underpinnings of the Petizos made themselves known and were very enjoyable to this casual consumer.  A portion of the proceeds from this Malbec will help make a “better life for animals near and far”.  Not the reason I’d flagged this wine originally, but a welcome benefit nonetheless.  Looking forward to the next bottle soon!


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