2010 Buena Vista Attila’s Selection, Dry Creek Zinfandel

This bottle of Buena Vista Zinfandel graced our table Sunday…either because we’re heart healthy or putting off the Sunday night blues just a while longer.  Or, as my wife would say, “Probably some of Column A an some of Column B.”  Light, red berries were immediately evident, and this was one of the milder zins that I’ve had–even immediately upon uncorking.  I had it with a rare Omaha(?) steak and some sides that now escape my memory.  Not an unusual occurrence for me, when I’m having a Buena Vista, to forget what else the menu held for us.

Additional information here from the winemaker: “Harvested in early October, the must was then fermented in separate, open-top vats for each vineyard block and aged separately in French oak barrels for 11 months before final blending.

This numbered bottle (#2261) is from just 250 total cases and the varietal is named for the son of Count Agoston Haraszthy–the founder of Buena Vista and the Buena Vista Vinicultural Society, which he formed in 1863 to advance the winemaking prowess and expand its vineyards. The BVVS has been restored as a collection of small-production wines that, according to their press, “honor the winery’s pioneering spirit and contribution to California winemaking.  Available only at the winery and for club-members, the diverse selection of Vinicultural Society wines explores clonal selections, varietals, vineyards and the incredible terroir of Sonoma County.”

The steak was good; the Zin was better.

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