2010 Chateau La Rose Saint-Sauveur Grand Vin de Bordeaux

This fun red hails from the Appellation of Haut-Médoc in the Bordeaux region of southwestern France, on the Left Bank of the Gironde estuary.  Consumed over the course of several evenings this week, this 2010 Chateau La Rose Saint-Sauveur was pleasant on the nose and the tongue…gaining some fullness, in my uneducated opinion, over the week.  My best friend has spoiled me on bordeaux, however, and this one didn’t quite measure up to others chronicled in this Notes blog.  They can’t all be spectacular, and this one thus comes in as a “working class” bordeaux in my humble opinion.


2010 Chateau La Rose Saint-Sauveur Grand Vin de Bordeaux, France

The last glass I had with a seasoned pork loin, cooked to perfection, and a green salad of red onion, apple slices, mixed romaine, and bleu cheese–definitely with a Greek flavor.  And this bordeaux was serviceable in that capacity, and I was glad to give it a go, but it’s now off my To-Do List and enables me to enjoy others during this holiday season.

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