ES7, Locations Wine

Referencing older Notes posts from Dave Phinney and the Location series, I am more than a little astonished to see no writeup of previous Spanish tastings.  While California releases have received extensive coverage, Italy and Washington at least one and France too, there are no comments for the “ES” series until now. (No, I’ve had neither the New Zealand nor the Texas, Portugal, or Argentina bottlings to date. Is Oregon among Notes’ entries? Please give the blog a read and let me know so I might right any wrong or oversight there.)

ES7 Locations, Locations Wine, Healdsburg, California, USA.

In selecting the ES7 Locations (along with a CA9 that will soon grace Notes), I had anticipated continuing a previous flight or knocking out a vertical for you, readers. That’s not the case, and perhaps in tasting the ES7 I can shed light: it’s a very Jekyll and Hyde wine, and I may have simply not known how to articulate this in previous tastings. 

The 7th release of the “Spain Locations” is complex, and I have different interpretations of what’s going on here from yesterday to today. At first taste, it is slightly tannic and much sharper of a finish; I’d have described ES7 as flooded with young red raspberry notes. While I have high regard for all things Phinney, it was slightly underwhelming and did not live up to my initial expectations. This day, however, it’s more relaxed and deeper in plum, cherry, and spice underpinnings—it feels more matured compared to even one day ago.  I interpret this as simply hitting the sauce too soon; the wine clearly opens up over time? 

It’s my understanding the ES7 is produced from fruit sourced from five regions: Priorat (this comes through the most, IMHO), Jumilia, Toro, Rioja, and Ribera del Duero. ES7 is a blend of Grenache, Tempranillo, Monastrell, and Carignan grapes, and it’s barrel-aged for 10 months prior to release.  And it comes to you here from the coast; we’re (carefully!) soaking in the sun and making great memories together. Thanks for checking in and have a great evening. 

One thought on “ES7, Locations Wine

  1. JC home says:

    I do apologize for not commenting earlier. Spain certainly does produce some very fine wines. I have seen this particular bottle here, but have not tried it yet. I will make sure that I do so in the near future.

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