2007 Virgen del Aguila Artigazo, Edicion Limitada

Excited for this big Spanish red blend from the moment I first ordered it, and it hit every quality mark I hold dear for red wine. Big, dark fruit evident right from the first pour? Check. Well-balanced finish? Yes. Good spice or earthy undertone? Yup. Great taste? Most importantly, yes.

2007 Artigazo, Edicion Limitada, Carinena, Spain. NotesOfNote.

2007 Artigazo, Edicion Limitada, Carinena, Spain.

I did conduct a brief advance screening of the 2007 Artigazo last evening just to see if it warranted consideration for a Friday night feature. As a result, I knew that by the time I revisited today after the long work week we were already in good hands. Tonight the Artigazo accompanied a pepperoni pizza with just a bit of red pepper flakes added to the slices as an accent. You can bet it would perfectly complement grilled steaks, or perhaps some excellent barbecued pork, and I’ll look forward to that in the future since we have a couple more of these still to go.

My wife and I both noted the fruit-forward notes of the Artigazo right in the glass; it hits your nose even before its juicy blueberry/plummy goodness reaches your lips. Really a mouth-watering taste, and one that seems to fold in some spices as just a subtle accent or two. The 2007 Limited Edition is a blend of Garnacha (40%), Cabernet Sauvignon (30%), and Syrah (30%), and I’m betting its the latter that throws the spice profile into the final product. Admittedly I’m a growing fan of the Syrah and that may bias me toward the 2007 Artigazo…but if you are too you really can’t go wrong with this excellent Spanish red.


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