2010 Marques de Caceres Rioja Crianza Red

The Marques de Caceres was introduced to me some time ago by great friends, friends with a penchant for amazing food and great fondness for Spanish reds. They love the Riojas and served us a 2008 at their house in Raleigh; this 2010 we opened at our place to help usher in some Christmas merriment.

2010 Marques de Caceres Crianza Red, Rioja, Spain.

2010 Marques de Caceres Crianza Red, Rioja, Spain.

Like the 2008, this 2010 Crianza is deep ruby red and packs in a hearty berry burst that you’ll really enjoy if you like reds even a little. There’s some cherry here, or maybe even red raspberry flavor, but the truth is you really won’t much care. This one is not about the notes as much as the emotional response it will create for you. It’s delicious, easy to drink, and sure to cheer up the occasion you’ve decided to celebrate with this fruity Spanish gem.

Forgive the brevity of this particular entry; I’ve offered all the praise that I can for both this vintage and the 2008 Marques de Caceres. Pick one up today and start enjoying for yourself.

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