2012 Penascal Estate Tempranillo

Okay, the conditions for this Penascal are not ideal but hopefully give you an interesting read nevertheless. I’m on the road for work, hoteled tonight and making my way through the remainder of this 2012 Tempranillo from Penascal Estate. I picked it up after a long day at a Javits Center trade show, popping into a little bodega off 11th Avenue in search of some interesting bottle. I’m as non-judgmental as anyone, but it says something about your wine evening when the big requirement isn’t a region, a vintage, or a grape but rather a twist top.

2012 Penascal Estate Tempranillo, Castilla y Leon, Spain.

2012 Penascal Estate Tempranillo, Castilla y Leon, Spain.

But y’know what? This warm red is pretty welcoming, if not extravagant. The Penascal has a nice foundation of red fruit and has a little spice undertone as well. I’m drinking it out of a stupid paper cup, and it’s so red, so deep and inky red, that it almost looks black. This Tempranillo has an easy, tannin-free finish that is ingratiating and smooth on the tongue.

Already I’ve forgotten what the wine accompanied over the last couple evenings. Tonight, however, I had the 2012 Tempranillo with a simple salad, mixed greens with crumbles of baked ham, turkey, egg, tomato, and a few black olives. This meal is not that glamorous, but it is probably healthier, even with some light buttermilk ranch sprinkled about, than other options I had wrestled with this evening.

The Dallas Cowboys are on the radio, and I’m looking forward to the trip back home. One more night before heading out of the tri-state area…but one that’s better than expected thanks to the 2012 Penascal Estate Tempranillo.

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