2012 Mawida Merlot

This one is a special recommendation and selection courtesy of my wife, who was herself first exposed to the 2012 Mawida Merlot at a recent neighborhood tasting event (wish I could have joined her for THAT!). It was a surprise for this wine lover and a great treat for a Friday evening. We actually cracked open the Mawida last night and first enjoyed this deep purple beauty with pork chops slathered in a fantastic mustard/caramelized onion sauce, sided by a killer blue cheese salad with walnuts, apple, and onions (which could have been a great meal all by itself). I rushed it a bit on that initial sampling, and the finish seemed a bit tannin heavy on that first tasting.

2012 Mawida Merlot Central Valley Chile

2012 Mawida Merlot, Central Valley, Chile.

Tonight, though, we unsealed the 2012 Mawida and its encore performance earned top billing. This time the merlot accompanied some delicious tortellini (including both spinach and cheese as well as chicken and prosciutto) that I hit with only salt and pepper; my bride opted for a pesto topping. This Central Valley Chilean wine was better, pooling happily in my eager glass, and sharing blackberry and perhaps some plum notes.

The Mawida Merlot (a term meaning “Mountain in Mapudungun” in the language of the Mapuches natives of Chile) was rich and tasty, with a much gentler finish. I get the sense that the 2012 is intended for drinking right now, and gladly I did, comforted too by the knowledge that we have still another bottle to enjoy on a future occasion.

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