2012 Radius Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington, USA

This summer I’ve been interested in Cabernet Sauvignon. You might have seen firsthand if you’ve followed Notes in any real capacity, or even browsed through old posts on the site. Domestic, primarily, but international Cabs are fair game too. And most have been worth the chase, particularly those that range closer to the $20+ mark rather than the $10s. Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not a wine snob in any capacity and I believe in affordable wine but I think Cabernets are one grape where “affordable” is telling.

2014-08-20 Radius

2012 Radius Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington, USA.

And the 2012 Radius is yet another brick in this wall. More proof positive of this theory. In a blind taste test, even my unrefined, inexperienced palate can differentiate between a robust Cabernet and a pretender. I know the 2012 is one of the latter. Don’t be misguided, because the distressed label–cool branding that definitely (along with its Washington pedigree) grabbed my attention and made the first sale–is not indicative of your tasting experience. We had the 2012 Radius with cheese ravioli, and the pasta was the highlight of the evening. My wife is a magician in the kitchen, and fresh basil puts the ravioli into a new stratosphere, but the wine didn’t hold up to this same standard.

This vineyard is located in Walla Walla, Washington, and promoted the 2012 Radius for its “Hints of toasty oak lead to a long finish in this bold red wine.” Not an accurate description, believe me. I love to try new wine, to explore grapes from regions that I’ve visited and hope to later visit, but this one I could skip in the future. Had enough already!

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