2009 Bodega Briego Crianza

Somehow we’ve managed to have three previous bottles of this 2009 Crianza, crafted from 20-year-old vines in the Ribera del Duero, Penafiel region of Spain, and have yet to jot out some thoughts for Notes visitors. Let us remedy this oversight today and share some technical information that may be helpful to your exploration of this red–cherry red–beauty.

2009 Bodega Briego Crianza, Castilla Leon, Spain.

2009 Bodega Briego Crianza, Castilla Leon, Spain.

The 2009 Bodega Briego Crianza is a red blend, a dry French- and American-oak-aged wine, that comes from Fernando, Gaspar, and Javiaer–the Benito Hernando brothers–and the village of Fompedraza, Spain. It’s got promise, this delicious Ribera del Duero.

Some tasting notes that I simply collect and offer here from my knowledgeable pros: “Strong characteristics of the Temperanillo grape variety. Ripe red fruit aromas – blackberries, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, etc. – followed by delicate notes of tobacco, caramel, eucalyptus, wood aging characteristics – cinnamon, vanilla, cumin, etc. All provide the qualities of a great wine full of expression and complexity.

All that being said, I found it not quite as good as advertised. I’ll add that it was smooth, more dark fruit (plum? not quite blackberries?) than red, but there is a little something of the latter in here nonetheless. It’s subtle but present. We had the 2009 Bodega Briego Crianza with various meals, and at various times of the evening, but must have rushed each instance as I’m doing a little catch up with this entry post facto. Hopefully the overdue post still shares a bit of the profile so you can decide if it’s a good option for you and yours.

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