14 Hands Merlot, Washington, USA

I’ve previously remarked that sometimes an enjoyable bottle of wine is less about the grapes and more about the company or the ambiance.  This could be one of those occasions, as the 14 Hands was a featured red served this evening during the Wedding Reception for my cousin and his new bride.

Held at the National Aquarium in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, the reception was really one-of-a-kind.  Guests had private access to stroll through the Aquarium prior to the cocktail hour, taking in the amazing creatures (e.g., puffins, rays, sharks, and fish of SO many varieties) and flora of the sea.  Windows overlooking the lights of the Inner Harbor granted us great views as we sipped and socialized with one another.

This was my first tasting of the 14 Hands, and it did the heavy lifting.  If you read Notes with any frequency you’ll know that we don’t often pull a Merlot, but this one would definitely work.  Serviceable, savory, and fruity, the 14 Hands–from the Columbia Valley in Washington–carries that rich ruby coloring and promising scents on your nose.  I definitely enjoyed and will always remember it as “the Merlot from David and Charci’s wedding”.

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