2010 Lamoreaux Landing 76 West

This red blend ranks highly in both taste and clever branding.  The 2010 Lamoreaux Landing 76 West was my favorite from our tasting at this award-winning Finger Lakes earlier this year, and it performed nicely even weeks later when we approached this meritage with clear hearts, minds, and palates.  You know how it is–sometimes on a tasting trail you’ve had multiple grapes and glasses that slightly skew your reaction to any one varietal and, returning home, you find that your purchase tastes very different from what you’d remembered.

2010 Lamoreaux Landing 76 West, Lodi, New York, USA.

2010 Lamoreaux Landing 76 West, Lodi, New York, USA.

The 2010 Lamoreaux Landing 76 West sidesteps that pitfall, providing a great combination of Cabernet Franc (52%), Cabernet Sauvignon (24%), and Merlot (24%) that’s sure to do good things for your evening.  Produced by Lamoreaux Landing Wine Sellers along the western side of Seneca Lake, it’s just west of the 76th meridian (42° 34′ 36″N 76° 51′ 31″W)” and derives its name accordingly.  Like many other reds favored here in Notes, the 76 West carries scents of dark, minerally soil and dark berries (maybe a cherry here too?) to you as soon as you make that first pour.  Great swirl in the glass…nice balance too that encourages repeat pouring/consumption.

We combined the 2010 Lamoreaux Landing 76 West with blue cheese salads and steaks from the grill as our Friday night treat(s).  Good play of the red with the fresh pepper in the salad but particularly with the grilled meat.

The folks at Lamoreaux produced only 400 cases of this gem, so if you’re at all interested in picking up a few bottles don’t wait too long.

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