You Are So Bubbly, Sparkling Rosé

You Are So Bubbly, Sparkling Rose, France.

You Are So Bubbly, Sparkling Rose, France.

Our first tasting at Wine Therapy in Manhattan was You Are So Bubbly, a sparkling Rosé from the Louis/Dressner vineyards.  Imported from France, this Rosé engendered two different responses from my wife and I.  On one hand it was a refreshing cool beverage on a hot June day and slaked our thirsts; on the other I found it similar to other Rosés I’ve tasted.  Not my favorite grape or process, even in as a sparkling option.

I’m not a wine snob, but swirling this Rosé around a paper cup as we did isn’t the way you might enjoy this on your patio or poolside.  If you’re a fan of Rosé, You Are So Bubbly will probably strike a favorable chord for you.  I’m obviously more a fan of reds than whites, Rosé, or sparkling, but on a sultry summer day in the city you might appreciate the soft floral notes offered by this option.

Ultimately, I’d rate this sparkling Rosé higher for the ambiance and adventure and less for its taste, but check it out for yourself next time you have a cheese platter lining up for a gathering or summer picnic.

One thought on “You Are So Bubbly, Sparkling Rosé

  1. […] the Loire Valley region of France was, for me, a clear winner.  It followed on the heels of the sparkling rose and had all kinds of citrus undertones that were enjoyable on the nose and the palate.  If, like […]

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