Clarendelle 2005 Red Bordeaux, Clarence Dillon

Last night my wife and I finished off an enjoyable bottle of the Clarendelle 2005 Red Bordeaux from Clarence Dillon.  Must confess that I had a “sneak preview” glass on Wednesday night, but the final polish came last night as we celebrated the early end to the work week.  This Bordeaux accompanied shell steaks, grilled to taste, and a delicious salad of field greens, baby potatoes, blue cheese–and bacon!
Most times, a dinner glass of wine is about the taste, or a combination of tastes.  Yesterday, though, it was about celebrations instead.  With that spirit in mind, I sampled this rich red from a great birthday gift mug during the dinner hour and afterwards as I packed up all my black and orange for Opening Day at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.  Helped kick off a fun weekend!

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