Cambria Julia’s Vineyard 2010 Pinot Noir

A Christmas gift from my folks, the Cambria Julia’s Vineyard 2010 Pinot Noir was the red of our birthday weekend.  Friday night, the date of my wife’s celebration, we started this velvety red–decanted–with cheese, cracker, and veggie snacks.  It meandered for a time and ultimately found its way over to our pizza dinner.  She enjoyed a slice or two of pepperoni and mushroom (and a birthday Miller Lite kicker), and I with a straight-up pepperoni.  The Cambria went well and we were, quite literally, in good spirits.

Tonight this Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir accompanied a meal I’d never had before: sweet and sour pork with pineapple, over jasmine rice.  The breading on the pork was interesting–I really liked its taste, but its texture didn’t hit as high a mark for me.  The pineapple, peppers, and onions were great, and jasmine rice is always a favorite of mine.  The Cambria rolled with the punches throughout, and was a great nightcap as we watched a flick.  Here’s what the Cambria folks offer:

While this Pinot Noir may seem innocent at first, wit bright, fruit-forward flavors of cherry and strawberry; it gives way to its seductive side with velvety layers of blueberry and blackberry and subtle hints of delicate vanilla and spicy cinnamon.  Located in the cool climate of Santa Barbara, my family’s vineyard produces an elegant Pinot Noir with a silky mouthfeel that I hope you enjoy.

That’s obviously a bit of marketingspeak at play, but the light berry layers are fairly well described.  As cataloged in this blog, however, I’m usually a fan of darker berried-Pinots, and darker spices too.  If you’re a strawberry or vanilla fan, this is going to be a hit for you.


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