Hanzell Pinot Noir 2006

Once we put away that amazing d’Issan bordeaux, the three of us turned our attention to this Hanzell Pinot Noir and our entres.  Of course we had a couple filets on the table, and a New York Strip graced the plate of my pal–who also brought this tasty gem for our consumption.  The steaks–to the usual impeccable standards of Morton’s–were perfectly cooked and a great backdrop for this berry-tinged treat.  We did some family style brussell sprouts and creamed corn too as part of a heart-unhealthy dinner.

Hanzell 2006 Pinot Noir, Sonoma, California, USA.

The pinot was a part of our dinner courtesy of Hanzell, a Sonoma County vineyard from our favorite region in California.  Here a few of the winemaker’s notes:

Blackberry, strawberry compote, and blueberry pie give this vintage a very prominent fruit character, but there is the darkness of tea leaf, humid forest, and a feral quality, like the fur of an animal or the nape of a neck. Clove and cardamom are warm spice notes that give the impression of sweetness to balance the firm presence of ripe tannins.

Great accompaniment for the great steaks.

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