Szigeti Gruner Veltliner Brut

The Szigeti Gruner Veltliner Brut, Austria, NV.

This sparkling brut we enjoyed on a gorgeous Saturday in August, circling Manhattan with our good friends as we set out on a wine tasting cruise.  On a hot afternoon this brut and its citrus flavors were a great way to break our thirst.  The Szigeti Gruner was paired with a Valency goat cheese from the Loire Valley of France.  The cheese had a greyish rind and was very creamy…we sampled before the brut, after the brut, and were even encouraged by our host to taste the two together–all to great result.  Some comments on the Szigeti:

“Produced using fruit sourced at a vineyard surrounding Lake Neusiedl; it sits approximately 328 feet above sea level.  This Sparkling was made using traditional methods…A hint of lemon zest, followed by wisps of almond are the primary aromas in the attractive and somewhat subtle nose of this wine.  The citrus theme continues through the palate where its rounded out by a lovely creaminess.  White pepper emerges and leads to the finish, which features brioche and yeast notes.”

Obviously many of those comments are far more nuanced than we can detect but the citrusy aspects made for a great start to the tasting event.

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