1995 Château Troplong Mondot, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

Château Troplong Mondot 1995, Saint-Emilion Grand Chu, France.

We had not tasted the goodness that is fine bordeaux until treated at dinner tonight with our friends George and Angela.  The four of us met at the Capital Grill for steak dinners and were not disappointed by any facet of our evening.  All of us started with fantastic salads–three chopped wedges and me with a spinach and bacon salad that was perhaps the best of the bunch.  Our main courses were nicely salted and perfectly cooked filets, strips, and the like.  The photos shown here will definitely not do justice to the meal, which we accompanied with creamed corn and mashed potatoes.  The most important accompaniment, of course, was the 1995 Château Troplong Mondot red to which George treated us.

Eschewing the house options for a corking fee and this red bordeaux, produced by the Château Troplong Mondot and of the appellation Saint-Emilion Grand Cru.  It was perhaps the most expensive bottle of wine I’ve ever enjoyed, and I believe even my course palate understood that it was being treated to some of France’s best work.  A deep, pungent red, it was decanted for us and extremely smooth on the finish.  Here’s a word or two from the producers:

“Château Troplong Mondot is grown on extensive vineyards rich in limestone clay soils. Powerful, well-structured with pronounced complex tannins, its deep aromas of truffles and blackberries develop over time.”

Deep aromas indeed.  Really impressed that folks buy wines like this and can stand to hold them over time, when they’ll increase (not just in value but) in taste and in turn our appreciation.

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