Horse Heavens Hills 2009 Les Chevaux Red Wine

This deep, rich red blend caught our attention at our local Bottle King, where its 90 point Wine Spectator rating was being promoted.  We uncorked and, not waiting even five minutes for the wine to breathe, sipped immediately–it was really heavy by comparison to the pinot noir that usually appeals to us.  And here’s why:

34% Cabernet Sauvignon
34% Merlot
18% Syrah
10% Malbec
3% Cabernet Franc

And it is aged in both French and American oak barrels for 18 months.  We sipped while enjoying shrimp cocktail and then gourmet grilled cheese (mozzarella cheese, basil, and roasted red peppers) sandwiches with seasoned potato wedges.  Kicked up comfort food to ease us into the weekend.

Horse Heaven Hills 2009 Red Wine

Horse Heaven Hills 2009 Les Chevaux Red Wine.

Not sure how much of this is marketing and how much the actual truth, but this is the brief summary of the wine and the region from the bottle itself: “Washington state’s famed Horse Heaven Hills, named for the wild horses that once roamed this area, have been home to the Columbia Crest winery for over two decades.  Our winemaker blends innovation and tradition to capture this unique basalt and bedrock terroir creating wines that highlight the intensity of these grapes. Les Chevaux (French for ‘the horses’) is a special blend of varietals from the Horse Heaven Hills AVA and personifies the legacy of the wild horses that once roamed this fabled area.”

Was fun and would be a treat to serve, but we would probably opt for something a little lighter in this situation next time.

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